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36 CSO leaders begin their training in facilitating change in organizations and communities

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EASUN's FOLD (Facilitating Organizational Learning and Development) cycle "T" started with module 1 from

16 -22 March 2015, with 17 participants (6 women, 11 men). The training was held in Moshi, Tanzania. From an exercise on day 2 of the training, participants shared their discovery of how specific "listening skills” for leaders can lift-up the voices of all, women and men, thus positively transforming the consciousness with which the level of gender is managed in organizational life and their activities.

A number of insights were shared by participants, particularly following an exercise that helped them develop action plans toward applying their new learning and skills in their organizations. Brian from PALU (Pan African Lawyers Union), for instance, emphasized his discovery of tools and new models: "I didn't know that an organization has complex levels that characterize its systemic nature. I am happy that my new understanding and skills acquired will enable me to facilitate self-diagnosis by organizations and support them to effectively explore their development questions or stuck situations that they experience from time-to-time, at various organizational levels. In addition, Brian also noted that the individual Turning Points exercise enabled him to reflect on how our decisions are linked with how we should behave in organizations. “Reflecting on our ‘turning points’ enables us to learn and grow as individuals in the context of our environments. This can increase our ability to take the organization forward."

Irini, also from PALU, reflected on her increased confidence as leader, facilitator and team member: "All the exercises really made me feel as if I was in the board room of my organization. I experienced specific shifts in me, particularly confidence to speak in public and the ability to express my view and opinions with self-belief.

From FOLD to the World

Module 3 of FOLD training cycle "S" was held immediately after module 1 of cycle “T”, from 22-27 March 2015. Nineteen (19) participants (women 10, men 9) from Tanzania and Uganda attended this final module of cycle "S".

Sophie Kange from UNNGOF (Uganda NGO Forum) presented her back home project (BHP) on the second day of the training and noted: "This course has opened me up to looking at the world beyond my organization. My resourcefulness toward more transformative facilitation of UNNGOF's advocacy platforms at district levels has been strengthened. I have acquired new methodologies that have improved the quality of stakeholder participation and contributions in UNGOF's conventions. My interventions, particularly the annual review events of UNGOF are now conducted in ways that promote the leadership and ownership of local networks, i.e., through more interactive exchange of experiences and other shared learning processes.
The training has enhanced my own social leadership ambitions and feelings of a call to change the world around me." Says Sophie: “FOLD FOUND ME AND I WILL GO FIND THE WORLD”

FOLD training in Uganda

EASUN is looking forward to holding its first FOLD (Facilitating Organizational learning and development) training outside Tanzania. Cycle “U” of the training will be held in Kampala, Uganda starting August, 2015. The first module will take place from 22 - 29 August. Module 2 will be held from 22 – 27 November 2015.

FOLD in Uganda extends EASUN’s reach in the East Africa region, where it has held a unique role in providing specialized capacity development services to CSOs. EASUN’s influence has included developing awareness and skilled management of institutional identity, organizational learning and values that will sustain effective networking by civil society organizations in the region. Holding FOLD in Uganda will make it possible for a uniquely vibrant CSO community to access one of the most sought after leadership and facilitation formation courses. 

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