Relationships in patriarchal village communities transformed

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EASUN coached 4 programme staff of a CBO (UZIKWASA) based in Pangani District, Tanzania, to train local community leaders in transformational leadership skills (“uongozi wa mguso”). Testimonies documented below were gathered in follow-up coaching sessions for the trained leaders in Mwembeni and Pangani East villages.

Trained leaders speak out

Mwembeni Village: 14th August 2014

“I initiated a camp for class 7 students to stay over in school during exam times, toward their better performance in national examinations.” (Primary school teacher);
“I added the number of people I visit and support by 50% within two months after the training.” (Volunteer health officer and counselor of people living with HIV);
“Through improved listening skills we have minimized divisions based on religious or political party grounds that were rife in the village before the training.” (Village leader);
“Improved listening skills (listening at 3 levels) has enabled me to “let go” of my old argumentative behavior. I now give more room to community members to express their views without judging them. I am committing much of my leadership time now to create awareness and minimize unfounded fears that have tended to undermine community aspirations and productivity”. (Community leader);
“I have developed confidence that now allows me to speak in public, at the levels of family and larger groups of people.” (Woman village committee member).


Listening skills have minimized divisions

based on religion and politics


Pangani East village: 15th August 2014

“We created new awareness and convinced one particular family to allow their young daughter to continue with school instead of getting married at 14 years of age.” (two women school teachers);
“I have developed a new practice of sitting together with my children, listen to their needs and more actively support in their school work.” (male community member);
“I have taken extra steps to help 32 elderly people to access medicare support from government facilities.” (village legal officer);
“I have improved my responsiveness to village members’ expressed needs, which has increased people’s confidence in the village government.” (village leader);
“There is now increased awareness by community members regarding the importance of reconciliation, peace-making and respect for women and men striving together for the development of the community.” (village leader).