EASUN strengthens CSO board leadership

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In 26 July 2016 EASUN trained 15 (9 women, 6men) board members and directors of 9 civil society organizations from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Participants major learning on transformational and ethical leadership were highlighted. 

Ethical leadership is purposeful

Board members and CSO directors attending EASUN’s board training sensitization workshop expressed their new recognition of the meaning of being purposeful leaders. They shared an insight that captured the real meaning toward being a purposeful CSO board, i.e., “Explicitly define the organization’s agenda for existence and develop organizational capacities to fulfill that purpose and track progress so as to meet specific needs related to managing the stated purpose.”

Understanding the difference between "purpose" and "purposing" proved to carry great implications for board leadership and their role in the identity management of their organizations. The trained board members defined organizational identity as: "Values, ethics and goals working in the same direction, and normally enshrined in an organization’s vision and mission statements"

Identity management, on the other hand, was characterized as: “safeguarding who we are and what we believe in: This was expounded as follows: “Identity management is how you maintain your leading image and sustain it, ensuring its visibility, to influence how others perceive you."

New learning about ethical leadership expressed

The trained board members expressed their new learning that how you use power is a mark of your leadership--which, in the end may be perceived to be either ethical or unethical, transformational or self-serving.” Noted: